Did you know?

  • The first bike was invented in France in 1818. It was completely made of wood!
  • One of the most famous bikes is the Penny Farthing. It was invented in 1870. It had one really big wheel and one very small wheel. It was named after the biggest and smallest copper coins at the time.
  • There are 20 million bikes in the UK. This means that 1 in 3 adults has one - but only 6 million people ride their bike regularly.
  • On a bicycle you can travel 4 times faster than you can walk, for the same amount of energy.
  • 20 bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by 1 car!
  • On a bicycle you use up less energy than a car uses simply to power its lighting system for the same distance
  • 75% of people live within 2 miles of a National Cycle Network route. There are three around Shrewsbury – routes 81, 44 and 45.
  • 2kg of carbon are saved for every short journey that is made using a bike instead of a car.
  • Cyclists breathe in less pollution from traffic than car drivers
  • The average cost of maintaining a car each year is £273 compared to just £75 for a bike.
  • The fastest cycle ride between John O’Groats and Lands End on an upright bike took only 44 hours and 4 minutes!
  • According to the Guinness book of records the longest bicycle was 28.1 m it was built in Holland in 2002.
  • The record for the largest parade of bicycles is 1,901. It took place in Taipei City, Taiwan on July 21, 2007.

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