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Home safety: important tips and advice on how to protect your home

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Did you know that there is a burglary in the area of the United States happening every 16, 6 seconds? While this number might be lower or higher in your respective country of residence, this serves as a good example meaning that despite the fact that we don’t hear about them, they are still happening. Let’s serve you with some handy tips on what to take care of when it comes to protecting your home.

1. Always put away every belonging of high value when you expect a foreigner enter your home

This means if you are expecting anyone who comes to your home to fix anything, let that be a carpenter, a painter or someone to check on your electricity or anything else, make sure you don’t have anything pricey which can be easily spotted. This also includes, antique ware, expensive paintings on the wall, expensive watches on the wrist, jewellery etc. Keep these either well-hidden or at a bank’s safe to provide the perfect security for them. Unfortunately there are many workers who do collaborate with burglars as they visit tons of homes because of their job, they can easily provide information on what they saw anywhere. So, don’t risk, keep the valuables out of sight.

2. Make sure all your locks are safe and secure and insurance compliant

When it comes to locks everyone will instantly think about the entrance door. But if you have a home, chances are you have at least 2-3 more gates the locking of which you need to think of. These include entrance gates for you and for the car, garden entrance door and gates, garage entrance doors. Keep these always locked when you are not at home.

3. Keep curtains on your windows

So people don’t have the chance to look straight into your rooms. This is an all too common situation. Many people simply don’t think about others wanting to see what they have inside. And we definitely don’t want to make you paranoid either, but better be safe than being robbed.

4. Have a good home insurance

This may not count as a precaution for many, but in fact it is. Home insurance is a must-have, especially if you do have valuable belongings you keep at home. This way, you make sure you stay protected even if someone robs or breaks in into your home.

5. Keep your windows locked from the inside

And make sure, you have windows which are not so easy to open from the outside. Unfortunately there are several older window systems which are pretty easy to open even when they are locked, simply because they work that way or because they are old. Make sure you have well protected and securely locked windows, at least on the ground floor. Ask any good certified locksmith for more advice on window lock systems. Always go around the house before leaving to check whether all windows of risk are closed.

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